What Is Bradley Steven Perry's Phone Number?


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Unfortunately, there are no recordings of what Bradley Steven Perry's phone number is, with the main reason being that his number will be kept private for confidentiality and security reasons. Because Perry is a celebrity and many of his fans would no doubt like to get in touch with him, all of his private details will be under secure protection to ensure he doesn't get harassed by people who he does not know. Most celebrities kindly ask their fans to respect their personal lives and privacy, and contact details such as personal mobile phone numbers and home addresses typically fall under this category of 'privately-kept information'.

If you would really like to get in touch with Bradley Steven Perry without breaching his right to personal privacy and freedom, the best channel for you to go down is to send him 'fan-mail'. Perry is an employee of Disney Channel, so you may want to consider sending him fan-mail to the address of Disney HQ, who will then separate out mail for their many different stars to read in their own time. Alternatively, you should scour the Internet for a Bradley Steven Perry fan club, who will no doubt have a fan-mail address for you to send your messages to for Perry to collect, read and possibly even reply to.

Perry currently plays Gabe Duncan in the popular Disney Channel television show 'Good Luck Charlie'. He has held the position since 2010 and is set to shoot another series shortly. Born in the November of 1998, Perry lives in the south of California with his parents and three older sisters. He is said to have a range of sporting hobbies in addition to his passion and natural flair for acting, and plays for his local baseball time when he's not filming.

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