Where To Buy Tetra-derm?


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You can buy Tetraderm online at www.PharaMX.com. It costs $15.88 for two 40g tubes. Tetraderm is a product not openly available to purchase in the US or UK unless your doctor gives you a prescription. Tertraderm is a cream that contains steroids which is why it is not openly available as it can be harmful if used in too high a quantity. It is extremely effective when used on rashes, spots, infections such as cuts and scrapes which can become sore and infected. It can also be used on scars to soften the sensitive skin and eventually minimise the appearance of the scar. It is sometimes used on dark patches of skin also and you will eventually see a lightening in the tone of the skin.
Tetraderm should be taken with care, particularly if you are pregnant, as there have been no studies carried out to check if it is safe to use whilst pregnant. Always use Tetraderm sparingly as the steroid ingredient in the cream can damage your skin if used in large quantities. It is best to seek the professional advice of your doctor before using and drug or cream, particularly if it is not available over the counter as there will usually be a reason for this such as many patients having an adverse effect to the drug.
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I think that is prescription. We'll try to get this in a better category for you (it's in animals/marine life :-) and see if someone has a more definite answer for you. When I looked it up I only saw pharmacy/prescription information.

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