Where To Buy Butter Powder?


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I'm afraid butter powder isn't as common as actual butter. You will have to first survey your local supermarkets, dairy shops and provision stores. If unavailable in your locality you can always look up butter powder on the internet. Remember that while you will usually find butter powder as a packaged brand, sometimes certain dairies sell homemade butter powder.

Typically the small amount of water present in butter is removed and the powder is created via processing of milk solids with butter. You will find that reconstituted butter powder appears quite like whipped butter yet tastes like butter typically along with an additional milky flavour.

You can use your butter powder to glaze various breads and rolls. You can bake it into your breads and rolls, or simply sprinkle on top. The powder gives poultry a lovely buttery feel and is always a great option to sprinkle on popcorn as well as baked potatoes.

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