What Is Miley Cyrus Name On Oovoo?


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Miley Cyrus, the country-pop singing sensation who set the world on fire with her Hannah Montana TV show, doesn't seem to have her own Oovoo name.

However, she does have plenty of other accounts, even though she gave up her Twitter because it was eating up too much of her time and pulling her away from the outdoor life. Miley is very young, and she makes some mistakes, but she shows real wisdom at times. It's actually wise of Miley to realize that she'd rather go swimming with friends than peck away at her Blackberry.

That being said, everyone wastes a little time online; however, Miley seems to spend most of her time on the Internet more quietly and privately now. Miley's videos do play at Oovoo, where many other celebrities have "Oovoo" names, etc.

  • Send a fan letter
If you want to find Miley's account on Oovoo, you are out of luck; however, you can always write Miley, who is the daughter of "Achy-Breaky Heart" singer Billy Ray Cyrus, a fan letter via her record company, or even via Disney.

Most celebrities do read their fan mail, and they respond when they can. You have to remember that Miley is living a grown-up life now, and her busy schedule is crammed with work activities that help to entertain her fans. So she may not always have time to answer each letter personally. But, if you'd enjoy telling Miley how much she means to you, by all means, drop her a line and let her know you think she's cute and super-talented.

Miley is currently working a bunch of new music and film projects that will be released later this year. She will soon appear in the movie, LOL, with Demi Moore; time will tell if Miley can hold her own with some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

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