The Earnings Of 3 Newspaper Carriers Totaled $7,400. The Earnings Of The 3 Carriers Individually Were In The Ratio Of 24:21:15. What Were The Earnings Of The Carrier Who Earned The Least?


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The carrier who earned the least in that ratio will have earned around $1849.50. The second most earned in the ratio is around $2589.30 and the most earned in the ratio is around $2959.20. Here is how you can figure out other ratios in the future with the same method.

  • Calculate each part

The first thing you will need to do is to find out how many parts there are to the ratio in total. This involves adding all the pieces of the ratio up to make one total number, in this case that would be: 24 + 21 + 15 = 60.

Now that you know the total number of parts in the ratio, you need to find out what one part equals. In order to do this, you will need to divide the total amount of money by the total number of parts, like this: 7400 / 60 = 123.3.

Now that you know what one part equals, all that is left to do is to multiply what one part equals by how every many parts you need to find, so: 123.3 x 24; 123.3 x 21; 123.3 x 15.

  • And finally...

Once you have found the totals, you can add them up to make sure they reach the total amount of money available. In some cases, you may need to round the number up or down because it could be a little bit below or under.

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