How much to hire jedward for a party?


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There is currently no set rate for hiring Irish pop sensations Jedward, who appeared on the television program,  X-Factor; finding out how to hire this popular duo for a birthday bash will require contact with their management or agent. Since the pop musicians are currently working under the mentorship and advisement of boy band impresario Louis Walsh, he would be the ideal person to contact regarding a set price for hiring Jedward to come and play at a special celebration.

  • Pay to play
Usually, artists will be willing to play almost anywhere for a price - for example, Elton John, the notorious gay singer/songwriter, sold out when he agreed to play at notorious bigot Rush Limbaugh's latest wedding. Often, these sorts of deals are arranged only if the person holding the party is also very rich or famous, but money talks, so it's definitely possible to get Jedward to come and play at your party, as long as you offer enough money to catch the interest of Louis Walsh, who plays a central role in deciding where the band plays and who they play for.

  • Contact the band
If you try to reach out to Louis Walsh with poor results, try to contact the band directly via their social networking pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. By sending messages to the band, enquiring about how much their services might cost, you can at least have some chance of getting an answer. However, you shouldn't be too confident here; after all, celebrities get inundated with all manner of requests from fans, and it is safe to say that many celebs rarely bother to read fan emails. This is why it's always preferable to go through an agent or manager.

If you're really lucky, you can enjoy Jedward live at your party - it's really all about knowing the right people and having enough cash to cover the bill.
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Recently Irish pop sensation jedward hire on party. It is London's celeberaty band. This is top quality pop musicians. If i hire this band then how can contact with them?

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