What's jedwards fan email address?


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There doesn't seem to be an email address for Jedward, or rather, not one that is open to the public. There are many ways to contact them and I am sure in time your questions or messages will get to them and hopefully they will reply to everyone.

You can try sending a message through facebook, twitter, myspace or bebo, see below for links:

If you want to become a member of their fanclub, then their official fanclub website is
The fan club is free to join and once you have registered and created an account you will have access to the forum where you can chat to other fans. There you will also find lots of top news, up and coming tour dates and the latest on their music.

You will also find more information on Jedward on the following website:
Here you will find photographs, videos, blogs and if you want to purchase any of there merchandise you can do it on this website.

Jedward became famous after appearing on the X Factor series in 2009 where they managed to stay right to week seven of the live finals when many, including judge Cheryl Cole thought they wouldn't even make it past week one.
Jedward's real names are John and Edward Grimes, they are identical twins who were born in Dublin, Ireland in 1991. After X factor they were signed by Sony for a £90,000 contract and released their first single 'Under Pressure' in 2010 which reached number two in the UK singles charts.
In May 2011, they were voted to represent Ireland in The Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Düsseldorf in Germany with a song called 'Lipstick'. They finished in eighth place with a grand total of 119 points.

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