When Was 'Aladdin The Movie' Made?


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The animated Disney movie Aladdin was released in November 1992.

About The Film

Aladdin is based on the folktale 'Aladdin And The Magic Lamp' from One Thousand And One Nights (also known in English as the Arabian Nights). The story follows Aladdin and his pet parrot Abu in their adventures involving a genie, a magic carpet, an evil magician, and a princess. Aladdin was the thirty-first film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, after Beauty And The Beast and before The Lion King.

Other Releases

Aladdin was released on VHS in 1993, and on DVD in 2004. The film entered the 'Disney Vault' in 2008, meaning that production of the film would be suspended for a set amount of time. Disney claim that this process allows them to control their market and ensures that the films will remain fresh and exciting for each new generation of children.

Aladdin is set to leave the Disney Vault in Spring 2013, when it will be released as a Diamond Edition on Blu-ray.

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Aladdin the movie was made in the year 1992 by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Aladdin basically was the thirty-first animated movie released by Disney animated feature canon, it was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

The movies adaptation was take from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights which featured the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp, thought many parts and the actual story was changed to a large extend in the movie. Aladdin went on to become the most triumphant movie of the year 1992, with its earnings going up to two hundred and seventeen dollars in domestic revenues and five hundred an four dollars across the globe.

The movie was directed by Roy Clements and John Musker and its back ground score was given by Alan Menken.
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Aladdin was originally thought of in Scotland just like Peter Pan. It was made in japan and the setting is easy to spot because of the features that japan has. It was made in japan in 1992.
Thank You for reading and hope you learned something. Danielle x
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