What's kendall jenner bb pin?


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Kendall Jenner doesn't tell anyone her BlackBerry PIN (personal information number), because that's a private and personal piece of information. After all, when people like Kendall give out this type of information, they are bound to get hacked by fans or detractors, and then, who knows what would happen? It's always safer to keep any private information a big secret, so Kendall Jenner makes a point of not revealing her bb pin to anybody. Of course, a close friend or loved one may have this sort of information, but they will not share it with anyone out of respect for Kendall's privacy.

  • Privacy facts

To protect your privacy while using any mobile communication device or online communication service (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare), never give your PIN (personal information number) to anybody. It's really not wise to give these ID numbers out, even to friends. For example, if you gave your Facebook password to a friend, but you two then had a bad fight, this person might get revenge by logging onto your account and posting all sorts of nasty statements on your Facebook wall - of course, everyone who sees these remarks will think you were the one who put them there.

  • Don't get hacked

Therefore, it's wise to think ahead so that you aren't hacked by someone you once trusted. It's also pretty easy for people to hack Twitter accounts - in fact, spammers hack other peoples accounts constantly. Changing your password a lot (and not using something obvious, like your dog's name) is always the best defense.

To learn more about Kendall Jenner, you don't need her bb pin - consider checking out her Facebook and Twitter accounts to learn more about her, including her likes, dislikes, and daily activities. By becoming a following or "liking" her page, you can gain access to plenty of interesting details about this pretty young brunette.

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