Who is the narrator in My Mother?


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I think you meant to write 'How I met your Mother' as there are no shows called 'My Mother'. If that is what you mean, then Bob Saget is the narrator.

Here are some interesting facts about Bob's career to date:

• Born in Philadelphia in May 1956, Bob had never intended to be an actor or comedian. He actually wanted to become a doctor.  It was only when he was encouraged by his English high school teacher that he started to think of getting into acting.

• He has been working as a narrator on the CBS show 'How I Met your Mother' since 2005 and has appeared on just over 130 episodes. His character is used as a type of voice from the future for the main protagonist, Ted Mosby. Although viewers can only hear his voice and it still remains unclear if he will ever have a walk on part and appear on screen in the show.

• Besides acting, he also finds time to pursue his work as a stand-up comedian and a television host.

• Some of the most well-known roles he has had include those on shows such as 'America's Funniest Homes Videos' and 'Full House.'

• Away from the television screens or stages, he also plays a very active role in helping raise funds for charities such as the Scleroderma Research Foundation. His sister died from the condition so he tries to raise awareness to help other people.

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