Who Is Bruno Mars's Mother?


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Bruno Mars's mother is Bernadette Bayot - although most people know her by her nickname Bernie.

The mother of Bruno Mars Bernadette Bayot and Pete Hernandez are the parents of Bruno Mars.

You may notice that neither of them have the last name 'Mars' - this is because Bruno's real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.

His mother Bernie is of Filipino descent, although Bruno was born and raised in the Waikiki area of Honolulu, Hawaii.

His parents were both immigrants to the United States (his dad is of Puerto Rican descent).

Bruno Mars's mother
Bernie Bayot is a former hula-dancer, and in fact Bruno's parents met each other on the entertainment circuit - his father played percussion.

Bernie only speaks a little Tagalog, although she spent her early childhood in Baclaran, Philippines (just South of Manila).

Her family migrated to Hawaii, where she met and married Bruno's dad.

Bruno's  parents later divorced, and Bernie is now remarried.

Bernie is thought to have been a really big influence on Bruno's musical career - she'd often take him to work with her, and he was exposed to music and entertainment in this way.

The first song Bruno learned at a very young age was an Elvis song. He heard this when Bernie was working at a '50s-themed show at the Sheraton Hotel in Honolulu.

For more information about Bruno Mars's mom, why not check out this video of her explaining exactly what makes Bruno so 'Filipino' in her eyes.
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His mother's name is Bernadette San Pedro Bayot Hernandez. She is from the Phillippines but has lived much of her life in Hawaii, which is where Bruno was born.

She is usually known as Bernie and she has a background in music and entertainment, as does Bruno's father. He is one of six children.
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Mrs Mars.
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Bruno Mars's mother, Bernadette Hernandez, is a dancer and talent singer. She went to Hawaii from Philippines when she was a child.

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