Does Bruno Mars have a girlfriend?


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I heard the oppostite that he does and he is gettting married to her and that his recent album are all for her.  Hopefully, if she knows better she will stay out of the limelight and keep her head down because people will hate her.  It is complete lies that he says he doesn't he admitted it an UK interview but they are obviously want to just keep it low key. So that she doesnt get it from fans.  How many Yokos do we need.  One is enough, we already have a wannabe with Green Day (where fans are forced to pander to her in case Billie Joe will get angry and dislike them - like he dislikes me).  He has to keep is personal life low-key because he is a pinn-up.
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As far as I know, Bruno Mars doesn't have a girlfriend. Bruno Mars is focused on his music now, he has just released his first album not long ago.
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No, they all keep jumping on grenades for him.  He can't keep one around.

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