Is there anyway i can contact bruno mars? Ive written some songs for him to sing! Apparantly theyre really good! How can he see them)?


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sana shaker answered
You can put your song in his fan site
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Hilary Newton answered
If you believe in them don't give them away to easily, for someone else to cash in,
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courtney watkin
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Im not :L I wrote them for bruno mars.. Only he is ever going to read them :L Only my family has heard me sing them :L
Arthur Wright
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Then make a video of yourself and these songs and post it on YouTube stating you wrote these and let the Talent Scouts fiond you like they did JB
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Liz Barrett answered
Ok um... Sometimes he does live chats and visits radio stations so you could try him there. I've met him, and he's really awesome. But the only way I did that, was a meet & greet at one of his concerts. You can give him thngs, but not directly to him. You give whatever you have to the security gaurd and he gets it afterwards. You could always try the fan club, his twitter, of even his facebook. Hope I helped! :)

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