How much does ariana grande weigh?


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It is reported that Ariana Grande weighs anything from 95 to 130 pounds.

  • About Ariana Grande

Born in June 1993, Ariana Joan Grande is a singer and actress from Boca Raton, Florida. Probably best known for her part as Cat Valentine in the American sitcom Victorious, Ariana revealed earlier this month, via the social networking site Twitter, that she has also signed a recording contract with Universal Republic Records, and promised the release of a new single soon.     

After winning a National Youth Association Award for her role as Charlotte in the Broadway musical 13, Ariana Grande now goes to South Africa every year to tutor children in music and dance as part of the corporation Broadway in South Africa.   

  • Fans

Ariana Grande has millions of fans throughout the world and there are lots of sites, forums and blogs dedicated to her. For example, seems to be a particularly good one as it is regularly updated with genuine, trustworthy news about the star and is full of pictures and Ariana themed freebies all ready for you to download. There is even a video of her latest photo shoot on there, as well as a link that allows you to contact her, via email, through her fan mail.  

Unfortunately there is not a chat room on this site for like minded fans to talk about the star's latest announcements and doings, but there are plenty of others that will have. However, do ensure to be careful on such sites, as not all are official or even well moderated, which allows for many serious problems such as cyber bullying. Although this may seem obvious, many people are too genuine to realize others may not be, and that the person they may be talking to is not necessarily the person that they claim to be.

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