Is there any pics of Justin Bieber sleeping?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

There are many photos of Justin sleeping on Google Images.  He actually looks quite cute and innocent when he sleeps although from what I hear, he isn't exactly as innocent as he looks.

There is also a video that a fan took of him when he was in Brazil which you might be interested in... It seems that Justin Bieber has slept with a lot of women, and one of them took pictures of him as he was sleeping in a hotel bed. Even worse, is that there are rumours suggesting she was a prostitute!

But then again, the press like to start rumours about JB, so it is difficult to know what to believe.

He is still a very popular guy that's for sure, and has fans worldwide who adore him. So it doesn't make much sense when the press claim that he sleeps with prostitutes - he has girls throwing themselves at him so why would he need to?

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