Is There Pics Of Icarly Naked?


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'iCarly' is an American sit-com starring best friends Carly and Sam (played by Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy).

The stunning actresses are widely regarded as two of the most attractive females on television these days.

However, finding naked pictures of the pair is nigh impossible - unless you're interested in fakes.

iCarly stars naked Neither Miranda Cosgrove nor Jennette McCurdy have posed naked for any publications.

Although many stars have posed naked for magazines like Playboy (the list includes big names like Charlize Theron, Eva Herzigova, and La Toya Jackson) - I'm of the opinion that only a certain 'type' of celebrity would pose naked.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against celebrities who choose to strip off for magazines (hell, I'd do it if I was paid enough money) - but I think it's safe to admit that there is a certain 'calibre' of star who simply would not do it.

Although posing naked can boost a girl's career (Kim Kardashian became famous on the back of a sex-tape), there are certain actresses whose careers would be damaged if pictures 'of a certain nature' ever got out.

Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy star in a TV show aired on kid's TV network Nickelodeon - so most of their fans are young children.

If they were to ever pose naked, you can be sure that Nickelodeon would drop them from the show quicker than a hot potato.
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Yes, there is one of Sam.
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Yes, search 'Miranda Cosgrove fakes' and it should be the first one.

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