Are There Any Naked Pictures Of Nathan Kress Around?


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Robin Burden answered
Yes, there is a picture of Nathan Kress naked currently being circulated on the internet.

Whilst there's no way to verify if the photograph is genuine, there's nothing to suggest that the image has been doctored or Photoshopped in any way.

Nathan Kress posed naked
At this point, you may be wondering which magazine the charming 19 year old decided to drop his trousers for, but the answer is that he didn't choose any of them!

Instead - according to one celebrity-gossip blog that is hosting the image - Nathan Kress took the photo himself (he's holding a camera in his hand). Apparently, he intended to send it to iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove as part of a sext. Unfortunately, it was intercepted and published on the internet right here.

For those of you who are unaware of the meaning of 'sext', it is a sexually-explicit text message intended to woo or entice its recipient. Whether the photo of Nathan Kress is genuinely a sext message intended for Miranda Cosgrove remains unconfirmed, however.

All I can say is that he ought to start working on his abs before he sends any more photos.
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Not that I know of, and ewww!!! He's hot and all, but I don't exactly want to see him naked.

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