Is There A Photo Of Brenda Song Naked?


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As far as us folks here at Blurtit are aware (and we haven't exactly looked), there are currently no photos of Brenda Song - the 23 year old American acting sensation - on the internet or any other form of visual media, and there are not likely to be any anytime soon.

On April 18, 2008, a picture of Song was used in an ad for an escort agency in the back of that week's LA Weekly. Disney lawyers were not pleased with the use of Song's copyrighted image for advertising adult activities. A rep from Disney told TMZ: 'This is an unauthorized use of Brenda Song's image and her personal attorney has issued a cease and desist to the advertiser.' Song filed a libel suit against the Vibe Media Inc. Seeking at least $100,000 in damages.

Song said: 'As a role model to millions of young people, I feel I have to take a stand against this company in regard to its exploitation of my image.'

So it is unlikely you will see any images of this nature anytime soon. If you do happen to 'stumble across' some, they are most likely fake and will not be around for very long at all.

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