Is nick cannon the owner of Nickelodeon?


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There are no actual names given to those who own Nickelodeon. Nicholas Scott Cannon, aged 30, is a rapper, a comedian, a record producer, an actor and a television host. So in answer to your question, no, Nick Cannon does not own Nickelodeon. However, he did star in some shows, which were broadcast on Nickelodeon. These shows were:

· The Nick Cannon Show - This show was the most popular of his acting career and he was both the creator and presenter of the show. The Nick Cannon Show is an American television comedy spin-off of All That.
· All That - This is an American live-action sketch comedy-variety show featuring short comedic sketches and weekly musical guests.

Nick Cannon also starred in other shows and films. The shows include:
· Wild 'N Out - A game show published on MTV.
· America's Got Talent - An extremely popular American talent competition, presented by Nick Cannon, originally broadcast-ed on the American channel NBC, but it has made its way to British channels also.

Nickelodeon was founded by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, which is half-owned by Warner Communications and half-owned by American Express. Nickelodeon was founded by this company in 1977 and was owned by them until 1986. Then a large company called Viacom took over in 1986 and are still the owners of Nickelodeon at this present day. MTV also plays a key role in the ownership of Nickelodeon. So Nickelodeon is shared between companies, not certain individuals.

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