What is scott scooter braun phone number? I want to be a manager when i get older and i wanted him to come to my school a speek


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If you are looking for the mobile phone number of a celebrity, you are probably going to be disappointed. It is incredibly difficult to get hold of legitimate numbers for celebrities, meaning that you will only be offered fake ones which will lead you around in circles. Here are some other ways you can attempt to get in touch with Scott "Scooter" Braun to ask if he can come and do a speech at your school:

  • Contact his manager

If you are looking to get Scott Braun to come to your school, you will have to get your school to contact him professionally. This means that they will have to send a letter or have a phone call with his manager, explaining the situation and what they would like from Scott Braun and see if something can be arranged. If you are successful, you teachers will be able to arrange for Scott Braun to visit your school in either an assembly or a classroom. If you are struggling to get enough support for him visiting the school, you could send round a petition and get your fellow classmates to sign their names on it.

  • Look for his number

If you are actually lucky enough to know some way of accessing his number, be that from an internet website, or through contacts, you can get in touch with him this way and try to negotiate a meeting. This will be incredibly difficult though, so good luck! You need to be careful of fakes, as these links can lead you to places that you really don't want to go down, so your best bet is to go down the route of getting touch with his manager through your school.

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