What Is The Difference Between TV And Film?


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The film screen is much larger than the television screen, consequently the same picture would have different meanings when show on both media
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The small screen medium of television (35 millimetres) is both competing with and interdependent upon the big screen medium of cinema (70 millimetres). While satellite television is increasingly keeping the viewers indoors by offering him or her a plethora of channels (and in fact weaning the viewer away from the cinema hall by bringing movies into his living room), it has also either launched the careers of several actors, actresses, technicians, etc. who are now big names in the film industry, or revived their sagging careers.

The basic differences between cinema and television are the content, the viewing conditions, the ability to attract and hold the limited span of attention of the viewer, the ability to shape the message to the medium, the longer duration that people spend in front of a television set (as most people do own one) vis-à-vis that spent in a cinema hall, the depiction of familiar images that people can easily relate to, the big screen 'clones' of the standard small screen fare and, of course, last but not the least the advent of satellite television. Television undoubtedly scores higher the cinema in every way.
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Tv is a small one with low sound whereas theaters are big ones with high sound.

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