What Happened To Actor Mark Hamill After The Star Wars Films?


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Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the first three of the Star Wars films, failed to achieve any further major on-screen success in his acting career.

He performed in theatre productions and later carved out a second career for himself doing voice-acting in films, television episodes and computer games. In this, he achieved some distinction supplying the voice for the part of The Joker in the Batman television series.

In 2004 he directed his own film for the first time, Comic Book : The Movie, a mockumentary about a group of comic fans who try to stop Hollywood mangling the creative vision of a legendary comic creator once it buys the rights to his work.

Hamill later penned his own comic, The Black Pearl, which is being made into a video game and may later be made into a film.

He has described himself as well-off financially, having sensibly invested the high earnings he had as an actor during his time in the limelight.
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He also starred on Broadway and there's also another movie he made. I believe the name of it is "Slipstream."

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