Which Living Actor Has Made The Most Films To Date?


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When it comes to (currently) living actors, it is hard to think of anyone who has starred in as many films as Christopher Lee. The British actor who was born in 1922 has appeared in nearly 230 films.

The actor who has starred in the most films ever

Beginning with Corridor of Mirrors in 1948, Christopher Lee has a back catalogue that spans more than five decades.

He is one of the most well-respected actors in cinematographic history, and at the age of 90, is still heavily involved in acting and the film industry.

Lee's more recent movies include:

  • Hugo
  • Dark Shadows
  • Alice in Wonderland
He is also reportedly involved in the following projects (which are currently in post-production):

  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again
  • Night Train to Lisbon
  • Frakneweenie
To find out some other movies that Christopher Lee has starred in, why not check out his IMDB page? (expect a lot of scrolling down!)

As far as actors throughout film history, Mel Blanc has been involved in over 1000 films - although many of them are animated characters which he voiced.

John Wayne is often quoted as being the actor with the most films to his name, but this is not actually acurate.

However, he does hold the record of the most lead roles, with an astonishing 142 films.

Christopher Lee: The most films of any living actor

During his career, Christopher Lee has played some of cinema's most iconic figures. Most notably:

  • Dracula
  • The Mummy
  • Frankenstein (in the Hammer Horror series)
  • Count Dooku (in the Star Wars prequels)
  • Scaramanga (in The Man with the Golden Gun)
  • Saruman (in The Lord of the Rings trilogy)
He also holds the record for the tallest leading man at six feet five inches and is descended from Italian royalty.

Other living actors to have amassed a large amount of screen credits include Samuel J. Jackson with 107, Morgan Freeman with 79 and Gene Hackman with 97.

Alternatively, many Bollywood actors have appeared in numerous films due to their rapid production, with some exceeding five hundred.
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John Wayne (Marion Michael Morrison) is the winner hands down. With an impressive 142 starring roles, this does not include the movies that have been lost, or ruined from sitting on the shelves disintegrating.

Neither does this include the movies that he didn't star in, because some of them were not starring roles.

Gene Hackman (Eugene Allen Hackman) has 57 movies, and it is not said if they are all starring roles, I don't think that they all are. Though he is a great actor, he is not the one with the most movies.

Clearly, that is left to the "Duke" himself. What a great man he was.
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Christopher Lee...BUT I think that if Denver Pyle was still alive he would have had more titles than Christopher Lee.

For the ones that don't know Denver Pyle, he played Uncle Jesse in the Dukes of Hazzard series.

He was born 2 years before Christopher Lee and has 256 imdb titles as actor. He died in 1997.

Christopher Lee has 266 right now (2009).

I think that if Denver Pyle was still alive now and acting he would have had more than 300 titles!
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Indian movie actor Jagathy Sreekumar who acted in more than 1900 films, post-production excluded.....
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I remember when John Carradine died a newspaper article claimed he appeared in 500 movies. I also read a report that the number was 350.
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Now, I don't know how many of them would be considered movies, but if you are counting voice acting, in terms of sheer number or performances, Mel Blanc would win hands down.

IMDB has him listed for 1017 performances. Keep in mind, most were short clips for cartoon characters. But still, impressive.
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John Wayne.
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Ron JeremyIMDB has him with 1379 films, like Ronin, The Boondock Saints, and Reindeer Games.

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Ward Bond (It's a Wonderful Life and many, many others) is credited on IMDB with 271 movies.
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Boris Karloff made 161 movies or played in that many. May not be the most, but more than John Wayne or Gene Hackman.

Boris has to be one of the top ten actors of all time.

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