Which Country Makes The Most Films?


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Strangely enough, it is not the USA but rather India that makes the most films.

Bollywood beats Hollywood hands down. It makes nearly twice as many films (approximately 1,000 each year).

The country that makes the most movies: India

Incidently the 'B' in Bollywood refers to the city of Bombay, now known as Mumbai, and the Indian capital of film making.

In addition to having the largest industry, Bollywood films also have some remarkable features:

  • They are twice as long as a conventional movies produced in the west, coming in at an average three hours each.
  • There is usually a lot of singing and dancing involved and, almost without exception, no kissing.
  • About 14 million Indian people queue up for a Bollywood movie when it hits the theaters, and that figure rises to about 4 billion per year across the industry. This is compared to 3 billion world wide for a Hollywood film.
Biggest film making countries in the world

The main reason India takes the lead in film production and consumption is obviously its huge population.

Money is also a secondary factor. The Motion Picture Association of America 10 years ago placed the average cost of a motion picture made in USA at $35.3 million. It then costs another $17.5 million to market it. Bollywood productions come out at about $2 million each.

You'll actually be surprised to know that the US isn't even in the Top 5 when it comes to the number of films released across the globe. The following countries all have a larger cinematic output than Hollywood:

  • Japan
  • France
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Mexico

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