What Is The Highest Grossing Film Series Of All Time?


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The highest grossing film series of all time is the James Bond series, which has grossed a total of $4.3 billion worldwide. As of 2007, 21 James Bond films have been made. The latest film, Casino Royale, which stars Daniel Craig as James Bond, was released on 14th November 2006. The next Bond film is due for release in 2008, and Daniel Craig is set to return.

The Stars Wars series is not far behind with a total gross of $4.1 billion worldwide (the whole Star Wars franchise was estimated to have grossed a total of $20 billion by Forbes magazine in 2005).

The Harry Potter series is also one of the most highest grossing film series of all time, with a total of $3.5 billion worldwide. Only four films have been released to date. The fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released in July 2007, and after that there will still be two more films to be released.
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Its funny. I saw the list and no Star Trek. Woops! Did they forget. Some of the best movies did not get as much advertising as some. 1997 the movie Titanic, sucked... Another movie came out the same year which was never really advertised but many dvd sales afterward.The Fifth Element, with many stars in the movie. It seems every year we have a new top grossing film but why.They all disappointments.
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No, i heard now Harry Potter Has over 14 Million British pounds than James Bond (this is after Half Blood prince film)
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"Gone with the Wind"  A movie.
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Harry potter

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