Can One Bad Scene Ruin A Whole Movie?


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If it's at the start of the movie, i suppose it wouldn't really matter that much because once you'd watched the rest you'd forget about the start..but yeah it would be quite bad if it was the last scene, the ending is important! :) :) :)
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Its funny you asked. I'm not sure if it would ruin a movie, but I think it can charge the "flavor" of a movie. One good example is watch the theatrical version of Pretty Woman, then watch the DVD with added scenes. To me, the added scenes make the movie darker...and changes it enough to ruin it.
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Yeah sometimes. If I see a lady light one up (cigarette). I turn the channel... Yesterday I watched "Evil Dead 2". Has to be the worst horror movie ever made. Bruce Campbell is terrible. Today, "Dino Crap"... Whoops!! I meant "Dino Shark" came on SyFy. I'm sure the ratings dropped.
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If its the last one for sure!!!!
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Too much male backside has ruined many an adult film.
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Mark Brookshire
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LMAO. Too much male face. Too much feet. Too much of back of head. Too much of view of the room, Too much of eye's... That's what happens when a woman is holding the camera. Most of them movies are directed by and filmed by woman. Never watch them on cable pay tv...
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DVDS Always Have Added Scenes?? Why Is That? Because The Originals Were All Wrong??
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Mark Brookshire
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They have to cut the movie down to fit a time limit. I have seen them delete many good scenes. "Star Wars" was one. Later they added these on the DVD. The movie "Exorcist" was another. "The Spider Walk" was added later. Some good scene were deleted out of films because they were banned from many country's. Usually the bad scenes are left in movies. DVD sales are more popular because of the scenes they add.
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Depends on just how bad it is. In some cases, the rest of the movie compensates for it, but in other instances one such scene could doom it.
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If its one..i guess its fine, becz if the rest is good, that will make u forget, UNLESS its at the end of the movie, it would be bad.
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When a person watches a movies, he needs a sort of organisation in the events that occur. Therefore, he enters another world from which he does not want to leave. So, of course when there's a bad scene, a sort of bad sentiment or confusion builds inside the heart of the one who watches the film. For some people, that bad scene can turn the ending of the movie upside down, for it ruins the chronology of events. For others, they don't pay their most attention of that part, for them, the ending is the only that matters!
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Yes sometimes it could happen it depends how much is the scene bad
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Hi Keith.i'm pretty sure if it's one scene,we can delete that from our memory,and hopefully enjoy the rest
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It depends on what type of movie it is. Battlefield Earth had BAD scenes EVERYWHERE.  Worst flic ANYONE has seen.  I hear a sequel is in the works. That'll be even worse than the 1st one.

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