What is the saddest movie scene ever?


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Short Circuit 2!! When they disassemble Johnny 5!! I cried for twenty minutes!!         

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I've always been emotionally attached with a movie that makes me sad, this movie is " A Walk to Remember"

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Titanic! When Rose was calling Jack's name when he's already dead

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Yes it is a very sad moment in the movie
Kk polly
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Yes that movie was horribly sad. I thought the part where the dad went back for his daughter, and they drowned together was really sad.
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Watching him sink was the saddest part
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Ladder 49. At the end I cry every time!

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The notebook when the loving couple dance as the wife "remembers" her husband for a few minutes briefly, then her mind leaves her again (Alzheimer's). She yells at him to GET OUT & screams for help hysterically, accusing and fighting her husband. Her extremely loving husband weeps as he can do nothing to help and has to watch as his wife screams and is held down & given shots to sedate her. SADDEST movie.

My own mother ended up dying from Alzheimer's(2012) - her & my father were married 64 years. Daddy died suddenly in 2010. We were blessed that Mama only suffered 2 years with the dreadful disease & although her memory left her, she never became violent. Great movie but too difficult for me to watch twice. 

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Mary Lee Whitley Gill
Partly because of my early age of four when I first saw GONE WITH the
Mary Lee Whitley Gill
Partly because of the early age of four when I first saw GONE WITH THE WIND, I was horrified by the scenes of the dead and dying at the train station (what symbolism), the amputation of the young man's leg without morphine, filmed in shadow, and finally Scarlett's fantasy love for Ashley who leaves her a "widow" with Rhett's scorned abandonment, plus I was saddened by lives dependent solely on others for personal happiness (regardless of others' feelings, of course). While there is no excuse for Scarlett's behavior, don't most audience members still wonder if Rhett will return? After all, "tomorrow is another day."
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Stay strong
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The saddest scene in the movie Titanic, when the ship splits into two and and people step on the other side.

Jack falls down into sea the leaving his beloved one.

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I found the ending of "Enchanted April" sad. People who had found some measure of personal freedom giving it up, because their "holiday" was over and they had to return to their lives.

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Sophie's Choices (1982)

The part when Zofia Zawistowski (Meryl Streep) arrives at Auschwitz with her two children, but she can only take one with her.

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All Mine to Give (1957)

Technicolor melodrama film starring Glynis Johns, Cameron
Mitchell, and Rex Thompson. When first one parent, then the other dies, six
children have to look after themselves in the American west of the mid-19th

Every time I see this movie I get teary eyes.

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For me,  it's "The Passion of the Christ", hands down. I cried through the whole movie in fact. I guess because I'm a deeply emotional person. I found it to be a very personal movie where people from all walks of life found a meaning in it that was very personal to each individual person.

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The Iron Giant. When the Giant flies up and explodes.

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Kk polly
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I love that movie. It was one of those that I didnt believe he would die so it didn't get me. Hogarth is such an awesome name!
Kk polly
Kk polly commented
I love that movie. It was one of those that I didnt believe he would die so it didn't get me. Hogarth is such an awesome name!
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I would have to say A walk to remember or the notebook

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Everyone seems to be missing the actual question...What is the saddest movie SCENE?? Not the saddest MOVIE!!

Anyways, I'd have to say at least one them I'm sure that's not here is when Forrest's wife Jenny dies in "Forrest Gump". ;)
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Kassandra Rodriguez , The Boy With The Striped Pajamas, answered

When the boys die together at the end and the father realizes what he is doing is wrong because he lost a family member.

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Too many to mention! I thought Titanic was pretty sad. Especially as it was based on a true story. Also Mandela - Long walk to freedom.

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The Notebook, when Noah and Allison are in the nursing home dancing and she suddenly forgets who he is and starts to scream. Without a doubt the saddest movie moment ever :'(

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The ending scene in The Sorcerer and the White Snake when she gets trapped in the tower.

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For me it was the Green Mile.  I remember blubbing my way through it all.  It had happiness, darkness and sadness running through it and was a real emotional rollercoaster ride of a film. 

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Not really a movie I guess, but at the end of the first episode of Attack on Titan when Eren's mom gets eaten by that one Titan.

Recently it was Hachi, and the part at the end where the dog dies waiting for his master. 

I SERIOUSLY don't remember the time I cried the hardest at a movie. 

Probably a movie I watched when I was younger, I mean I cry a lot now but I cried a  LOT during movies when I was young.

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"A walk to Remember" This has to
be one of my favorite movies it really gives you something to think about. I
cried right from the second when Jamie told Landon about her illness till the
movie ended and it took me a whole day to come out of the movie. I absolutely fell
in love with Landon's character, especially the way he treated Jamie when she
was in a very bad condition due to those stupid flyers. He married her. And I
felt the pain for Landon, the way he moved on with his life with the memories
of Jamie. I guarantee
you that you will feel a bit different in some weird way. I totally LOVED it!

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I think the saddest movie scene ever is in the end of Finding Nemo when Nemo says he loves his dad. That always touches my heart :)

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A lot of people have mentioned Jack's death in Titanic, but I find the scenes with other passengers more upsetting; namely the mother tucking her children into bed for the last time and the Straus' (the old couple) lying in bed, accepting their fate. There's plenty of sad moments in that film though.

Also the scene in A Night to Remember, another film about the Titanic (which came long before Cameron's offering), when the little boy is lost and looking for his mother, and an elderly gent who doesn't even know the child is the only one to comfort him just before the ship goes down. Just thinking about it is getting me misty-eyed. :(

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In the 1998 movie Stepmom, where Susan Sarandon calls in her son and daughter into her room in turn and then gifts them what would be her last Christmas presents, since she has been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma. I am moved to tears every time I watch it.

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 Here are some saddest movies ever.  Obviously Titanic.  The boy in Striped Pyjamas.  In Where the Red Fern Grows close to the ending it is very very sad.   p.s you will cry at the end of the movie trust me. Thanks

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The final scenes in The Green Mile. I've never felt so sad in my life! Such great performances by Michael Clarke Duncan and Tom Hanks.

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In My Girl, when her best friend dies and she goes to his funeral screaming "You wanna go play? He needs his glasses! He cant see without his glasses" And she has to be dragged out of the room

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I would say that that the scene from "Schindler's List" when annoyed by seeing his car coated in soot, Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) realises that the bodies killed in the Krakow Ghetto are being exhumed and burnt.

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When Leslie in Bridge To Terabithia died.  Or when Tristan in Tristan & Isolde died.

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Mufasa's death in Lion Kion...By far the saddest thing I've ever seen.

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Has to be the scene in Dumbo where Timothy Mouse takes Dumbo along to visit his mother in the cage, and after she has finished swinging him in her trunk, Timothy Mouse leads him away back to the circus while his mother looks on helplessly. I cried a river when I saw that.

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In I am Legend at the end when Will Smith kills himself to save the girl and boy and when his dog died

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It's the scene in Girl, Interrupted, where Angelina Jolie goads Brittany Murphy into killing herself. It's not just how tragically alone she seems, alone in her neat suburban apartment her abusive daddy puts her up in so he knows where to find her; it's that for this brief moment, the three girls in the scene, Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphy and Winona Ryder, were at the best. Something only Angelina Jolie could claim to be now, and she'd be lying.

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In "Starving in Suburbia" when the  anorexic girl's brother dies from restricting calories for his wrestling competitions.

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The ending scene of the movie "The Champ" with Jon Voigt. Some expert psychologists actually use that specific scene for studies to evoke sadness. Also look up "DearZachary: A Letter to a son About his Father" if you want your heart to be squeezed and put in a blender.

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A memorable scene for me is a girl in Short Term 12 describing the parental abuse she has had to endure.

Amazing and highly emotional film about a group of young adults working to help other disadvantaged teenagers.

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The saddest scene I can think of is the scene in "The Yearling" (1946) where the boy, Jody, winds up being put in the position of having to perform a mercy killing on his pet deer.

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