Do You Think That Disney Should Quit Making Sequel After Sequel For A Movie That Comes Out?


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It's the cash cow at work again. Plus, once an animated movie is in the can, and all the computer graphics and so on are on file, it costs Disney about 1/3 the cost to make a sequel. And if he gets kids ( his main audience ) hooked on a character, like Shrek, he has a guaranteed audience. Money talks, nobody walks.
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I've been asked for my opinion on this by Tiggersmom, but what I'm about to say is probably heresy for many.

I'm not really a fan of Disney films - at least not those produced over the last 30 to 40 years. So, not having seen the original (probably), it doesn't really matter much to me how many sequels they do or don't make.

Sorry folks but there it is !
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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You have your opinion, and it is valid, no harm, no foul here. Friends?
Nathan Corrie
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Oh, always friends ! My diffidence stems from the fact that I'm not too good in face to face confrontations. I can argue a point in a calm debating environment such as Blurtit, but in heated situations I tend to become inarticulate and tongue tied. The perfect response always comes to me when the incident has passed. In the words of the alternstive Beatitude "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth - if that's OK with everyone else !" All too true in my case sadly !
Deb commented
Nobody's mad at you, it's good to have diverse answers... If we all thought the same, this world would be a very boring place, right? I just think it's cool you answered & were honest! A lot of people need to be more honest in this world, probably wouldn't have near as many problems. That's just my opinion though.
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I agree with tiggersmom. Generally, I don't think sequels are so hot!
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I couldn't agree with you more...I mean, the first High School Musical was bad enough, but three? Good grievances. What has the world come to? (Rumor has it they're making a fourth one. "High School Musical 4: The College Years.") Oh joy. Nadene
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I agree that Disney does make a TON of sequels, but that is how they make money. Plus, that is their choice.
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Sequels are the new bane of our viewing. Our kids, having no real background in (and I don't care who produces them) are exposed to some of the finest junk, made into t.v. Shows or movies. They don't have anything to compare them to. I 1st. Saw the movie Fantasia when I was a little girl. It's a masterpiece. I read somewhere that they a going to remake it. I don't care how much computer animation goes into it but the soul of it will be gone. The sequels, very few of them, are able to keep the depth of feeling and embody the spirit of the original. Mostly,I find it turns out to be a "just pile on the special effects and dazzle with computer generated magic and they'll never know the difference" type of thinking. My kids have had the chance to see older movies and they've been exposed to some ones that are considered true masterpieces. They know the difference. I think, we as parents, have a duty to our children not to let them be victims of what they see. I don't care who makes,Disney, or whoever made Friday the 13th. With Jason in space. As for the original question. Can it with the sequels! I'm tired of people milking the cash cow til it's Gr.B hamburger. Gettin' off the soap box now.
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Linda Fitzgerald
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P.S. I loved the Lion King. Gotta be the only one in the world that didn,t cry when Mufasa died. When the kid next door found out, she ran around the block telling everyone with ears. I also like the way Jeremy Irons played Scar. This heresy produced a "We're not going to talk to her ever again shunnig that went on for a month" Wild eh? I cried every time Charlotte the spider died in the cartoon version of Charlotte's Web. Didn't like the remake.
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I think that's up to the people making the films. If the storyline of the original leaves it open enough to create a sequel, then they might. Granted some sequels don't tend to be as good as the original, some are as good as the original, and some are better. I don't like thinking or seeing that it's all for money. The creators should try and do a good job because if they don't, no one will buy the movie and they won't make money. So, it's all up in the air.
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Yes I agree with you... I checked out the concepts of the sequels for Lion King and although I liked the plot, I'm sure that a good fan following is not easy to find specially if you bring sequels out after a long time so that the original kids who loved them are no longer kids!
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I am not sure?  I think after 2, it's just over-kill.  Why ruin a good thing, ya know?  Buuuuut, then again I LOVE DISNEY MOVIES!  I haven't seen too many that were bad sequels, but I love the originals soooooooo much!  The classic Disney movies are just so dear to my heart!  I think Disney has made a lot of special memories for a lot people's childhoods, so I guess have mixed feelings on this one.  What I'm trying to say is, either way is ok w/ me... Just as long as the movies stay clean & true to the classic Disney movie recipe... Make sense?  Hope that made sense!  Lol
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I think it is their choice if they want to make a sequel or not. Disney makes sequels to make money. If no one watched the sequels, Disney would quit doing it. So there must be a market for it.
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Sometimes it can get annoying but id disney had not made so many sequels than maybe they would not have been known as well by people.
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I think this will not happen because if your childhood has passed way but others not! They have also a right to think like them or do some thing like them.
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I've enjoyed some of the sequels and I know people get attached to some characters. But I don't think it's a good idea to drag it out to many sequels if the ideas aren't fresh. Move on to another idea.
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I don't think a lot of the sequels are the problem i think it is the people making the sequels. The 1st movie is usually very well made but the second or even third episode/version is made as if they just threw it together....what's that old phrase lost in translation,most movies are shipped over seas to production studios and the work is only inspected by computer or the net,the teams working on the 2nd and 3rd versions are not involved with the original development and don't quite get the story line to flow with the same spice for life the original had...and usually the second and third version teams are of different generations/ages and have different thoughts of what makes a really great movie sequel...they want to force their belief of what the movies direction should take even from one version to the next.....just take the versions of the greatest story ever told that have been made over the last 50 years or a christmas carol(schrooge)..some people like the newer versions and some like the original...then you have the lord of rings trilogy which was made just about as perfect as could be because the original producer and cast were willing to put in the effort along with the crew over years of their actual could tell they put themselves into the process about as much as anyone could...i guess what i am trying to say the disney crew seems not to put themselves into the movie anymore like they had to when the movies were made by hand sketch by sketch,it has lost the personal touch/the human touch...the makers of the movies are not as invested in the movies as they use to be...that's my 2 cents...
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Linda Fitzgerald
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You're 2 cents is worth a million dollars. You're right, the feeling is gone and we've lost something of value.
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I agree with most of you but you have to understand some of the sequels are made because the public demands it. Many times they drag out the movie which is horrible but necessary. i understand all your points of views there are REALLY good sequels, okay sequels and then there are those horrible ones that are stupid you can't watch the whole movie. I don't know everyone has different opinions.
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They never will, as would any studio with a successful movie that can have sequels, and for the simple reason that they MAKE MONEY...
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Yes!!! It is so annoying! I hate it sooooooo much even though my kids love the Disney movies but the originals are better i think.
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They should not make too many- because most do not measure up to the first. High School Musical is the exception- I thought the third one was far the best.
Some people never know when to stop.
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I think this will not happen because if your childhood has passed way but others not! They have also a right to think like them or do some thing like them.

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