Which Family Guy character do you most relate to, and why?


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Out of all the characters from the TV show Family Guy, I probably relate to either Brian or Stewie the most, although I suppose the appeal of Family Guy is that you can relate, in some way or another, to many of the characters!

Why I Relate To Stewie

  • He's an evil genius. I'd like to be one of those.
  • He's sarcastic and cynical.
  • He's often restricted from doing what he wants because of his age - he can't communicate with anyone other than Brian the dog, because the rest of the family don't know he can talk. I guess I empathise with him on this one, because I often feel that I haven't got enough experience (which comes with age!) under my belt to achieve the things I want to!

Why I Relate To Brian

  • He's a writer
  • He likes a drink
  • He's usually grumpy about something (often his failure as a writer!)
  • He often works himself up into a melodramatic state of despair (although when I do this, I'm usually aware I'm being ridiculous!)

I can relate to Meg quite a bit, too - at least, I remember what it was like being her age and having no self-esteem, being an outcast at school and having that teenage angst where nothing seems fair!

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So I'm gonna go with Glenn Quagmire.

He likes to party, enjoys wearing brightly colored shirts, and isn't afraid to laugh at himself.

He has a way with the ladies, and is an airline pilot (who wouldn't want to be one of those!)

Yes, he can be a little OTT, crass and even lewd, but he's got a softer side that comes out occasionally...

For example, I recently caught an episode where his sister comes to visit with her abusive boyfriend Jeff. Enraged, Glenn and his pals convince Jeff to go out on a hunting trip with them.

They attempt to murder him but, wary to their plans, Jeff turns a gun on them.

He ends up strangling Quagmire, releasing him only when he believes he's killed him.

However, due to his auto-asphyxiation fetish, Quagmire has adapted to being choked and managed to survive. He catches Jeff by surprise and runs him over with his car.

What a softie!

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I guess I can relate to Chris. I'm confused and simple, though I'd love to have a monkey living in my closet.

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