Which TV character do you relate to most?


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Alan alda on mash  he plays a crazy nut but he never gives up on trying to help people get well. Thats me

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The Hippie Dad – Larry Finkelstein (“Dharma and Greg”)

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Jaimie JT answered

None.  And I really thought on this question. None then :)

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Jaimie  JT
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lol :) I'd break in half if i had 6 kids :p you should not take up fortune cookie writing in your future hippy :) cos Confucius says so !! :p
Ancient Hippy
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I'm telling you Jaimie, I can sense 6 kids in your future. Two sets of twins in the mix. I'll be long dead when you have your 6th so put a note in a bottle and toss it in the ocean. I'll reach up from Hell and get it. That way, I'll know that I was right.
Jaimie  JT
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Lol :) can I just shove a posty in a bottle now and let you know ... WRONG ! P but thanks for playing the "what is Jaimie's future game " if you guessed anything other than a bottle of wine over thee weekend ... YOU LOSE ! :p
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Grizzly Adams of course.

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Tom Jackson answered

Paladin in Have Gun will Travel.

But although "This is the call of the paladin: To protect the weak, to bring justice to the unjust, and to vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world."

I'll settle for the simpler, less ostentatious definition of "advocate."

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Tom  Jackson
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Yes. the role he played was referred to as the thinking man's cowboy.

I was 12 when my dad started watching it. When I first watched it with him, it took my watching 2/3rds of the show before I realized that my father wasn't kidding when he told me Richard Boone was the star of the show.

(After all, I wasn't that far removed from Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, and Davy Crockett. Richard Boone was from a different mold.)

And for the longest time, I couldn't imagine the hero of a western having a name like "Wire Paladin."

I was an adult before I decided to look into that name---the start of my lifelong experience of "learning something new every day."
Didge Doo
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I made a similar mistake as a kid. One of the English soccer comics had a column called "Thereby hangs a tslr..." and I thought that was the name of the story teller.
Didge Doo
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hangs a tale I mean.

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