How Long Does It Take To Make A Film?


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How long it takes to make a film depends on what type of film it is. If it was a simple comedy film then it may not take very long at all. If it is an epic fantasy film, however, then it can take up to three years or more, with the films being released in instalments (such as with The Lord of the Rings). There is also the casting to be taken into account. This could take a few weeks, depending on what cast is needed.

Sometimes there can be interruptions with filming, such as bad weather, props being damaged or stolen, or cast members needing to take a break for specific reasons such as illness, pregnancy, or exams if they are young actors etc.

The Harry Potter films usually take around a year to film, with a teaser trailer being released around six to seven months before the film's release. The difficult parts of the films are usually filmed first, or the film is filmed back-to-front, with the beginning scene being the last scene that is filmed.

Sometimes filming can take place at the same time, but in different locations, to speed up the process. Stand-ins for the actors are often used so that scenes can be continued to be filmed even though the real actor is absent.
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The production length of a film can range depending on various factors of cost and practicalities. For an average Hollywood release, the overall production time takes roughly three years. For the first year a film is in development, wherein directors, actors and crew are hired, budgets are decided and locations scouted. The film will then move into pre-production, often including storyboarding, redrafting scripts and rehearsals. Once this is complete, production begins, involving the shooting of all the scenes in the final shooting script. This can take a varying length of time depending on the size of the film and the amount of location shooting needed. Following the production wrap, the finished film will go into post-production, where the footage is edited and soundtracked. CGI effects are often inserted into the film during this period, which can take up to a year, including reshoots. A marketing and distribution plan is then decided on, before the film is released in cinemas. The film with the estimated longest production time is British work It Happened Here, allegedly conceived in 1956 but not released until 1966, while many films can now be shot very quickly using digital technology and uploaded onto the internet.
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It is depended on the length and graphic of the

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If it's a leapyear then probably a year or two or maybe even three or four. If not, it could be up to five or six or maybe even eight or seven unless its 2012 then don't try to even start a film cause you won't finish it.

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