How Long Does It Take To Make One Half Hour Cartoon?


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To make a 30' cartoon animation takes a lot of work.
Once the animation characters are designed, writers do the script and storyboard artist visualises  what the director others artists are going to use as a reference. Voices, music and sounds are recorded beforehand and animators use them to sync the drawings. They do the lip-sync of the characters and the timing for the character actions. Meanwhile other artists work in the color drawings that will be placed on the background.
After many tests, everythings is ready for ink and color, this could be done in cells or in the computer.
After they got all the elements edit the clips, voices and music and sound effects together and the chapter is finished.
This proccess could take several months depending of the cartoon, but usually vary from 1 til 9 months.
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I think I can answer this as precise as possible, for every 1 minute of film it takes the animator to draw 1,440 frames of it and a 10 minute film it takes 14,400 frames, and so on. I got the info from a book I got at the library ...Animation "The Whole Story" it's a red soft cover book that I REALLY DON"T WANT TO RETURN but I'll keep renewing it. The author is Howard Beckerman. And the ISBN # is 1-58115-301-5 . You should try to get it.
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It takes on average 6 months, cartoons like the Simpsons and Family Guy have to make each individual frame and this is often an arduous task. However, South Park animators work in a different way and this allows the procedure to go a lot faster.
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Could make the episode as 9 months time which is a long process!

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