What Was The First Ever Video Played On MTV?


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On August 1st, 1981 MTV launched with its first music video broadcast. "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the British band, The Buggles is most appropriate as MTV went on to become one of the biggest pop-culture and music influences in the eighties and nineties.
The Buggles consisted of Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes and were just a few of the many pop stars that discovered how to make synth-pop sell in the late '70s. They formed the group, The Camera Club, which also featured Hans Zimmer and Thomas Dolby. When Horn and Downes found themselves the only two remaining members of the group, they renamed themselves the Buggles, and scored an international hit with "Video Killed the Radio Star." Since retiring the Buggles name, both Trevor and Geoff played in the group Yes. The rock super group had more members than albums. After their tour of duty with Yes, Downes founded Asia with '70s super-groupers John Wetton and Steve Howe. Horn settled down to become a producer, crafting the music of such charts toppers as Seal and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and was instrumental in the founding of synth-group Art of Noise.
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Yes it's the Video Killed the Radio Star video that started it all. I quite like that song and it was just perfect for the great focus shift from audios to videos for the music industry. It's really interesting to note how technological advancements have made a profound impact on the way content is generated and consumed. Look at YouTube where a lot of user generated videos goes viral in no time. And with streaming videos, things have taken an altogether different approach. Talk about lifecasting, it's a wow. I think the future of online videos is really promising than ever. And companies like AOL are investing a lot on online video services. It's really evident when they bought 5min Media. And Netflix is also focusing on streaming subscription. I think YouTube is what MTV was some 10-15 years earlier. Look at how Justin Bieber became an overnight sensation with his YouTube videos. Maybe we need another song, YouTube killed the MTV star. :)

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