What Was The First Barbie Ever Made Out Of?


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Hollow Vinyl.  Vinyl is a type of plastic.  With a bit of copper tube in the feet, to help fit shoes on the feet.

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Pictures of the original Barbie.

Barbie has changed a lot over the years.   Compared to 1959 when she was first sold, her waist and feet have shrunk.  Her hair was shorter then, too, and just as likely to be black as blonde (not usually a bleached white blonde, though).  You could even get Barbie with short bob haircuts.  Originally Barbie looked off to the side, rather than straight ahead.  This look was considered alluring, feminine and fashionable at the time.  Although personally I think she just looked a lot like a dozy teenager!   She was originally very much meant as a teenager, as opposed to most of the dolls then sold for children, which were of infants.

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