Why Is Barbie Doll So Popular?


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Barbie is popular because of the number of different looks and styles that have been produced for her over the years. Barbie dresses up for all occasions including birthday parties, balls, weddings and also everyday things such as going to the beach. At times there are games which include cleaning her room and play area or dressing areas. Children love to play with Barbie and change her clothes. This has always been good for them as it helps them to use their imagination.
They see themselves as this beautiful little doll and try to be like her. At times the little girls are just so inspired by her that they style themselves and their rooms on her. There are many dressing up games available which children love to play.
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I think that BARBIE IS NO GOOD ! Because her company and her is a theif cause they from BRATZ ! Bratz is more realistic than barbie bratz do things that they know that we want to do when we get teenagers they talk about girls stuff and i just love them i only have 221 word to go so I'm going to say what i don't like about barbie your company just need to go out of business cause when i come to do a protest with my friend you'll really wish you haven't stole from them i love bratz every body does
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It is believed that every minute three Barbie's are sold and in more than one hundred countries, over a billion Barbie have been sold. So this shows how popular this piece of toy is.

Basically Barbie is not just a piece of toy, but a collectible item, which is not only famous amongst children but also adults. The whole idea of a teenage fashion model created a buzz in the world of toys and every one went crazy after this doll. The company that produced Barbie, had excellent marketing and advertising strategies. Not only did they create a fashion line for Barbie, but a whole life story of Barbie was presented to the world in the forms of novels.

Barbie to some people was like an addiction, and people became addicted in collecting all of Barbie's accessories. Be it sports, school, shopping, kitchen, swimming accessories, every person wanted to increase the wardrobe for Barbie and enjoyed dressing it up.

Then came the trend of people having Barbie parties, where every one would come up with their Barbie and play with them creating an imaginary scene. Barbie was produced in all cultures and casts. There was Black Barbie too along with Barbie of the middle East, which really became popular in the middle east.
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It is a girls collectors doll and many people like it because new editions are coming out now and then and also there are awesome fashions. Barbie is created from style and they are all unique and you can be a barbie VIB now. Many are really rare and each year only one SPECIAL AND RARE never can get barbie comes out with over a $1000 dress featured for weddings. Barbie has episodes of movies like barbie the 3 musketeers,Thumbelina,Dancing princesses, Dimond castle and more fantasy, mystery tales. One of the old barbie editions wich came out years ago with the natrual barbie doll is the special sleep over. Barbie is also famous for aqua as she wrote a song "I'm a barbie girl" She also has many dolls of Ken and have many show bags and vans of her style.
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Barbie Was Brilliantly Marketed Mattel learned early on exactly how to market the Barbie doll. No other doll maker has come close to her. Barbie has been seen on TV commercials since the early 1960's. With over 40 years of continuous television exposure you can't help but see the ads throughout your childhood and into adulthood. This exposure has led Barbie to being one of the most popular toys in history.

Barbie Dolls Are Nostalgic

If you are a woman under the age of 60 then you most likely owned a Barbie when you were a kid. Just like baseball cards, if you collected Barbies's when you were young, the chances are good that you enjoy it now.

Many people still have their original dolls from their childhood and it almost has become an obsession to collect each and every Barbie doll there is.

Barbie Is Not A Fad

You know that when you buy a Barbie doll that you will always be able to buy new clothes and accessories for her. She is not here today, gone tomorrow. No other doll can say that.

The Internet Has Fueled Barbie Doll Collecting

That's right, the online world has helped promote Barbie doll collecting to the next level. You can find all sorts of Barbie doll forums as well as websites to purchase Barbie's. Ebay is a great example of this. Both advertisers and collectors alike can get together and discuss anything and everything to do with Barbie, as well as buy and sell.

What does the future hold in store for Barbie doll collecting? No one can say for sure, but if it is anything like the past, you can expect some really great things to take place.

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Hi! As I know Barbie dolls hit the market for the first time in 1959! I think people love these dolls because of their appearance and versatility. They are always cute, beautiful and well dressed. By the way  if you are a fan of dolls, I think this site will be interesting for you - Dolls news.

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Actually, Barbie is over 50 years old, and came far before Bratz. So, if anyone stole anything, Bratz stole from Barbie.
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Hahahha yeah I bet that person feels like and idiot, bratz are lame anyway, there scart, like small body and huge heads, why would someone even invent that

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