Why is country music so popular?


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Because it's got rhythm, good stout lyrics (usually), a catchy beat and tune, and it speaks to our emotions. Have you noticed how the phrases are usually very memorable and stick in your mind afterwards? That's pretty common in country music. I've always liked some good country music, but after hearing Garrett Hedlund sing it in the film Country Strong.....I'm hooked =)
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Because it has become mostly Rock; both markets together are bigger than either one alone. What's promoted is sold, what sells is heard, what is heard gets around, what get's around gets popular.
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Because its understandable and people can relate to it
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In Europe and so, it's not as popular as it is in the states. I'm a huge fan of it, I think it's the best style of music because it really sings people's feelings and emotions. For me, it's an emotive and beatiful type of music. It's perfect for travelling, to fall in love, to heal a broken heart.

It seems that the reason people like it so much is because it is like folk stories, it takes you on an emotional journey and the listener can learn from it.  So, it's popular because it's awesome.

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Because it's the best and you can actually understand what the singer is saying..unlike almost all the other music nowadays.

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Because in bred hillbillies can understand the words... None are more than three syllables in length. ... "Ma dog is dead,  ma house burned down... Ma wife got hit by that truck... Oh help me Lord, oh help me Lord... I guess I'm outa luck"...
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Well steve I think you need to come on down to the sticks and say that to one of us hicks face and see what the hell happens to your face. I bet I can re arange it for you ;) anyhow Country music is popular because its so down to earth and it all has meaning. Its relaxing.

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