Where Did Country Music Come From?


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Country music originated in the rural south of the United States of America. The genre began to form in the 1920s and took its roots from American folk and western cowboy music.

Typically, the genre utilises simple forms and harmonies and makes heavy use of stringed instruments. Banjoes, guitars, fiddles and harmonicas are the most prevalent instruments in the genre. The label "country" started to become popular in the 1940s as, before that, the genre was known as hillbilly music.

  • Began in southern America in the 1920s.
  • Evolved from American folk and cowboy music.
  • Country songs are often written in simple forms.
  • Stringed instruments such as the Banjo, guitar and fiddle are popular.
  • Harmonicas are used heavily too.

Where did country music originate?
The genre has its roots in American folk music which originated from European settlers. The settlers brought with them Scottish and Irish fiddles, the German dulcimer, the Italian mandolin and the Spanish guitar. These instruments have since formed the basis of the genre. African-Americans also had a profound effect on its development. The banjo, one of country's most-used instruments originated in western Africa. A great deal of traditional African style was incorporated into the genre, because in the southern states African and European Americans would often work and play together.

In the 19th century, several immigrant groups mainly from Ireland, Germany, Spain and Italy began to settle in Texas. These people began to integrate with Native American, African-American and Mexican communities - which furthered transformed the European folk music traditions into the genre we know today as country.
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It developed in the Southern U.S. And the Appalachian Mountains. Surprisingly, it has roots in all kinds of music, like Celtic, traditional fold, gospel and old time music. Hope this helps.
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Actually no, country music originated from ireland. And it was called bluegrass in the begining. Country music was not born in the U.S.A. But in Ireland. Hows that for being a know-it-all?

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