How Did Country Music Come Into Existence?


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In the 1920s, country music began to emerge from the southern states of America- and came into existence mainly due to the fusion of American folk and western cowboy music. This trend was complemented by influences from African American, Native American and Mexican musical traditions.

Country songs usually take a simple form and use traditional harmonies. The instrumentation used in the genre is a reflection on its multicultural roots. Banjos from western Africa, Guitars from Spain and fiddles from the British isles are all utilised heavily. The harmonica is another instrument that frequently features in the genre.

How did country music come about?

Initially country was referred to as hillbilly music, and the label "country" was not given to the genre until the 1940s. Early European settlers brought their music and instruments to the United States and this began to form into American folk music. Then, interactions among musicians from varying ethnic groups began to develop the musical traditions further until eventually a general form was beginning to develop.

By the 19th century, this process began to gather momentum. This was because of the cohabitation of varying ethnic groups and cultures, and caused the fusion of European and African American music. With the introduction of nationwide radio stations and recording technology in the 1920s, the genre began to spread out of its southern homeland, and became popular across the whole of the United States.
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Country music is a blending of music originally from the Southern area of the United States. It can be traced back to the beginning of the twentieth century. During the 1920s Country music quickly evolved from traditional Celtic, folk, gospel, blues and hokum types of music.

The term Country music was not used back them, instead the earlier name for this genre of music was hillbilly music. The derogatory nature of this name led to the music being referred to as country music. The earliest known hit single of this genre was "The Wreck of Old '97" by Vernon Dalhart in May 1924. The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers are believed to be the founders of this type of music. In August 1927 their songs were recorded at Bristol Tennessee in what is known as a historic recording session.

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