What Is Digg? Why Is It So Popular?


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Digg is a concept website that gets all its content from its users, i.e. Members who are registered with it. Once a member provides content to Digg, other members of the website's online community review it and rate it. Depending on the rating provided, the location of the content on the website is decided. If an article or a piece gets the maximum ratings from members, it becomes the headline act for the website and stays there until other newer articles are updated to fill the headline slot.    The concept of Digg is gaining enormous popularity, simply because it gives writers a chance to get their works published without any hassles. There is no need of countless submissions to numerous websites, obscure or otherwise, and minimal chances of rejection. The Digg member has a lot of power. They can collectively promote an article or trash it, depending on their perception of its quality and relevance. It also allows users to share stuff like write-ups, news items, video clips, etc.
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To digg something you have to register, it's simple and FREE. Click HERE to Register now. Have fun!
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It is so popular because most of the time everyone finds what they need.

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