Why Is Neighbours So Popular In The UK?


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Neighbours has been running for 21 years in the UK. It shows twice daily at lunchtime and early evening and draws in an audience which spans the generation.

One of the things which may be attractive to its viewers is the setting. Being set in Australia it gets a lot more (and better quality) of sunshine in the UK. Purely watching somewhere sunnier can make you feel better. It isn't very often we have to see them endure fine rain and high winds!!

The story line is also another factor which has people tuning in. As well as tackling serious issues such as single motherhood, alcoholism, terminal ilness and mental health, it also has light hearted and even far fetched stories which amuse and lighten up the mood!

There is a real range of character ages in Neighbours. This means that it connects to different members of the audience - from the school children to the more mature audience. It also keeps people watching for longer as those who started watching as children keep watching as the characters grow older and develop with them.
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Sorry, but it's just another trashy soap about relationships. Who is seeing who, who knows about it, who doesn't, who walks in surprised, oh and sometimes there's a pregnancy involved. Same bloody thing every episode.

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