Why Is The Comedy Television Series "Friends" So Popular?


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“I'll be there for you……” yes, this is the title song of this amazingly beautiful series, and if you ask me this is what FRIENDS are for. “Friends”, is a sitcom that was on air for around ten years and has entertained people in a way no other series has ever done. Friends, was a series about six friends, who were friends to each other in a real way. I mean they were always there for each other, whether it was in the good times or the bad times.

Friends mostly became popular because of the different characteristics of each and every character of the series. They were one of their own kinds and each one of them had hisher distinct qualities. Now, I will come down to the character of each of the friend as depicted in the series. So lets start with, Monica. Everyone in the group was generally scared of her and was well known as a cleanliness freak. She was the most organized one in the group and was like an elder sister to the group. Monica's hobby is cooking and she works as a chef in a top Manhattan restaurant. Coming to Rachel, who shares the apartment with Monica from the time she ran from her own wedding because she wanted to experience a different life. Rachel is a sweet, pretty girl and also spoiled brat, who loved shopping on her father's expenses. But when she meets the group, she realizes her responsibility for herself and in the course of the series becomes a successful business lady. Next, in the group is, Phoebe who is a bit crazy and pretty weird, but she is very sweet too. Phoebe has never been to college and misses that. Her passion is music and she hopes to make it big in the music industry one day. The songs that she sings are based on her real life experiences.

Coming to the boys of this fun loving group, the first one in the line is Ross, the intellectual one who is also Monica's brother. Ross always has a hard time when it comes to finding love in life as he has been divorced thrice and even has a child with a lesbian. Though, after lots of ups and downs he realizes that he and Rachel are each others true mates. Next is Chandler, who is a chain smoker and eventually in the due course of series, he falls in love with Monica and marries her. He is also best friends with Joey, the last member of the gang, who is very lucky with girls because he is very good looking. The only problem with Joey is that he doesn't like to use his brain and is crazy for food. Besides, that he is a struggling actor and enjoys his bachelorhood.

Now with this introduction I am sure you must have imagined what it would be like when they all are together on screen. And, if not let me tell you that they make you laugh like anything and that you will love to watch them again and again and again. So, enjoy this series about six crazy, but loving and caring friends, who fight with each other and also are there for each other when required.
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In the 1990s nothing else was as popular as the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which was a big revolution to comedy series on television. It is still one of the most popular shows and its DVD is rating in one of the top ten.

A ten season show, with more than hundreds of episode, this sitcom is about six friends, three girls and three guys, who stay together thick and thin with each other and also have great laughs.

Monica is an organized female, who loves to cook and keep her house clean. Rachael is a spoilt brat, who runs away from her marriage and starts living with her friend Monica. Phoebe is a spiritual diva kind of a female, who is very close to nature and some what weird. Ross is the brother of Monica and the geek of the gang. Chandler is the funniest guy of all who loves cracking jokes and later gets married to Monica. Lastly the Casanova of all, Joey is the best friend a person could ever ask for but really thick in the brain and loves acting.

When these six people combine they do silly stuff that friends usually do and the show revolves around how their life carries on. It is a story very close to normal life and it does not show any fictional stuff or fairy tale stuff.

Along with loads of amount of laughter and entertainment, there are some emotional moments which are really touchy. They also included many celebrity guests in this show which really used to attract the audience. Although the show ended in 2001 but it's popularity is still sky high. In fact I have seen each of their seasons more than ten times and every time I watch it, I still get entertained.
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Beats me. I couldn't stand it. Juvenile and unfunny.Horrible acting.I really don't see what the big deal is.The 6 characters together couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag.

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