What Were The Top Toys In The 1970's?


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I remember my daughter's Crissy Doll! She had hair that grew when you pushed a button on her back!

My son was busy with his GI Joe. Then there was talking GI Joe. There was also the GI Joe Adventure Team.

'Pretty Changes' Barbie Doll. She was a Barbie with a short blond bob hairdo that came with a few wigs to change her hair to long blond, brunette or redhead.

ATARI was one of the first games that started the computer fad for all of us. Kids, especially teens, loved it. Texas Instruments made it.

Then there were 'Weeples.' This was A little cotton- ball like fellow that came in every color you could imagine. They had little feet with stickers on the bottom and you could peel of the plastic on the bottom and stick it to yourself like a sticker. It had nothing but big plastic eyes. People stuck them everywhere! They were often on the antennas of cars!
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As I remember when my son was growing up in the 1970's Action Man was one of the main toys for boys. There were a lot of different accessories for Action Man  and there was a big market for these.
Another popular buy again  aimed at for boys - though of course plenty of girls played with them were Tonka toys. These were large trucks in bright colours, though I do remenber yellow being very popular.
When Star Wars cam eon the scene there were light sabres, Darth Vada, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia outfits to be seen everywhere and for a while every small person seemed to have at least one Star Wars outfit or figurine.
Dolls Houses were popular, Barbie type dolls, prams , skipping ropes. Lego was also popular and it was in the 1970's that the forerunner of all the video games became popular although these were very limited and I seem to remember tennis was a popular game played on the televion screen.
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The rubik's cube was very popular
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