How Many Members Are In Mindless Behavior?


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Oscar De La Huerte Profile
There are four members of the band Mindless Behavior, and their names are:

  1. Princeton (aka Jacob Perez)
  2. Roc Royal (aka Trey Young)
  3. Prodigy (aka Craig Johnson)
  4. Ray-ray (aka Randy Rayon)
Who are the members of Mindless Behavior?
Mindless Behavior are a group that originates from the Los Angeles area of California.
They were put together by three major music moguls:

  • Keisha Gamble
  • Walter Millsap
  • Vincent Herbert
The boy band Mindless Behavior

The guys in the band spent two years of intensive training in music and dancing, and are currently one of the most popular boy bands in the United States.

Despite only starting off in 2008, the group have toured with The Backstreet Boys, Justin Beiber and Jason Derulo.

They are currently touring and promoting their breakthrough album, with hit singles like #1 Girl charting highly in US music charts.
If you're interested in keeping up to date with the 4 members of Mindless Behavior, I'd recommend checking out their official website or following them on twitter.
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Brandi Sanders answered
There are 4 of them:

Princeton= real name is Jacob Perez
Roc royal= real name is Trey young
Prodigy= real name is Craig Johnson
Ray-ray= real name is Randy Rayon
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Amanda Wells answered
There are four members of this band. Their names (in the band anyway) are Princeton, Ray Ray, Prodigy and Roc Royal.
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I am mad about Mindless Behavior!

There are 4 georgeous boys in the group:
  • Prodigy- Craig Damion Crippen jr.
  • Roc Royal- Trey Young.
  • Princeton- Jacob Perez.
  • Ray Ray- Randy Rayson.

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