What are the real names of the boys in mindless behavior?


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Tyra Bradford Profile
Tyra Bradford answered
Its Jacob Perez, Trey Young, Craig Johnson, and Randy Rayon
Jennifer Bone Profile
Jennifer Bone answered
Mindless Behaviour are a group of 13 year-old boys named Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton.  There real names are Craig Johnson, Trey Young, Randy Rayon, and Jacob Pere.  The quartet fuse pop, hip hop and R&B music styles and their stage style is just as unique.  They've toured LA high schools as well as opening for Backstreet Boys (This Is US, 2010) and Justin Bieber (Pop-con 2010).
klassy king Profile
klassy king answered
There are four members in the Mindless Behavior, and they are Jacob Pere, Trey Young, Craig Johnson and Randy Rayon. Hope it helps.
Jaimaya Holder Profile
Jaimaya Holder answered
Jacob Perez(Princeton);Craig Johnson(Prodigy);Trey Young(Roc Royal);Randy Rayon(RayRay)

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