How Many CDs Have Been Released In The 'Now That's What I Call Music!' Series?


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As of June 2012, there are 81 Now That's What I Call Music! CDs in the UK, the latest of which is Now! 81.

A Brief History of the Now! Series
The first ever Now That's What I Call Music! compilation was released by Virgin Records in November 1983, and was available on vinyl and audio cassette. The time and frequency of release wasn't made consistent until 1992, when they began releasing three per year: In late March, late July, and late November. Since the birth of the series in 1983, Now That's What I call Music! have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

Now! CDs Around the World
The Now! CDs are sold across the globe; you can buy them in 26 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and Oceania. The track listings vary from country to country, depending on what's popular there.

Spin-offs and Seasonal Versions
In addition to the three standard Now! CDs that EMI churns out each year, there are Christmas and genre-related spin-offs available, too. In the UK there's a Dance compilation released every so often, and in the United States, you can buy Motown, Latino and Country special editions.
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First introduced in 1983, there are currently 65 CDs in the Now That What I Call Music! series. Now That's What I Call Music! 65 was released in the United Kingdom on 20th November 2006. Now That's What I Call Music! 57 was the most successful of the series, selling 350,000 copies within its first week of release.

Whilst there have been 65 CDs in the UK, there are 24 CDs in the series in the United States and 22 CDs in the New Zealand series.

The next CD in the series for the UK, Now That's What I Call Music! 66, is due for release on March 12 2007.

There have also been special editions of the series released. In the UK, 76 special editions have been released including special dance albums and Christmas albums.

6 special editions have been released in the United States, including 2 Now that's What I Call Latino albums.

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