Is there anymore {similar} songs like Cut from Plumb and Down from Jason (Walker?)


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As both songs you have mentioned feature on the hit TV series Vampire Diaries you will find similar songs on the accompanying Vampire Diaries soundtrack.

  • Vampire Diaries Soundtrack
As with many movies and successful TV series, you will find that there is a CD and now even an mp3 album released that they call the official soundtrack. This usually consists of songs that have been played during the movie or series or it can be songs that they believe influence and represent the film.

The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack as mentioned has both songs you have listed as well as some of the following:

  • Running Up That Hill by Placebo
  • Currency of Love by Silversun Pickups
  • Sleep Alone by Bat for Lashes
There are 16 songs on the official soundtrack in total and it can be purchased and downloaded from many online retailers such as at the following address
  • How to find similar songs and artists
You will actually find that when you shop on many music websites, there is a display near the bottom of the page that has tailored suggestions of other artists and albums you may enjoy due to your previous purchases.

This is a great tool for checking out new music and you don't have to buy it straight away. Instead why not type into YouTube the artist and song they suggest; give it a listen and if you like it you can then part with your cash.

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