At what age should Women stop wearing micro-mini skirts. My friend Niccole still wears skirts that barely cover her panties and when we go shopping or out in the evening her knickers are often visible. She is 30 years old?


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Well if Niccole at 30 wants to wear a micro-mini that shows her panties, that is her choice and apparentely that is because she likes looking like a slut.
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Think that is a bit harsh, my wife is 32 and still sometimes wears micro-minis, but shes got great legs and a nice butt so why not. I can remember a few months ago following her out of a store and she was a few steps ahead of me with her white panties clearly visible. This guy came the other way and was virtually on his hands and knees getting a total eyeful of my wifes knickers!
She works as assistant teacher with troubled children and one day at school, when she was wearing her tight black lycra micro-mini as she bent to help one of the children she heard a clatter behind her and an 8 year old girl was on her hand and knees looking right up my wifes skirt, getting an eyeful of panties. The girl proudly announced,  Miss Andrews is wearing knickers, they are white ones! So my wifes skirts are certainly a talking point.
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I don't disagree with you, Dave, about your wife and wearing micro-minis. That is her choice and if she enjoys having a student tell everyone in the class that she is wearing white knickers, well that too is her choice.
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Lee Jay, Actually my wife seemed more concerned about the lengths eight year olds would go to just to see what colour her knickers were than the fact that one of the girls in her class had actually seen her panties. As for another man seeing her knickers, its seems to be if thats what he wants to do, then so be it.
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Further to the above comment that 8 year olds would go to the lengths of a boy asking a question to get Julie, my wife to his desk so she had to bend slightly then the girl behind dropping her pencil so she could get on the floor and see up my wifes skirt. Apparently the kids were betting bars of chocolate not only what colour my wifes knickers were but some of the boys thought she might be wearing a g-string!
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A Skirt like that is a big no-no for any age.
Your clothes are a way to show who you are and they represent you before your mouth can so I would suggest that they are good till you wear diapers after that you should grow up and leave your kinder garden clothes.

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