How much does Daniella Monet weigh?


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American actress Daniella Monet weighs 118 pounds, and she`s reported to be quite petite. It`s quite common for most Hollywood actresses to weigh under 120 pounds, as the movie and televisions cameras used to film these actresses tend to add weight and make their bodies and faces look fuller. Therefore, most actresses, unless they are very lucky and have high metabolisms, devote a ton of effort and time into staying thin and looking good. It is not just about vanity; the reality is that actresses simply will not get hired for roles if they are above a certain weight, unless a movie or TV part specifically calls for a heavier actress. Looks matter a great deal in the world of television and film entertainment; it`s always been that way, and it will always be that way.

  • Bigger actresses

One example of a heavier, more full figured actress who is doing very well is Monique, who starred in the Oscar-winning film, Precious. Another example of a bigger actress who is beautiful and womanly is Kate Winslet, who is really not very large at all; however, Kate is still more voluptuous than the average Hollywood, size 0 body. In fact, Kate has talked a lot in interviews about the way she has been singled out for having a more normal, realistic body type; in Hollywood, this is really unusual, and she thinks the obsession with body image is harmful to women and very limiting as well.

  • Weight matters

After all, heavier women can be stunningly beautiful, and they also can be brilliant actresses; however, our culture tends to value a lean, toned, or even anorexic body, which is strange in some ways...

A simple glance at the fashion runways underlines the value of a very thin body in the world of beauty and glamor.

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