What Does, 'I Got Gilligan's Eyes' Mean?


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“I got Gilligan’s eyes” is a line from the Biffy Clyro song Many of Horror.
The song features on the Scottish rock band's fifth album, Only Revolutions, which was released in 2009.

What Is “Gilligan’s Eyes” A Reference To?
Although none of the members of Biffy Clyro have provided an answer to this, it’s probably a reference to the 1960s sitcom Gilligan’s Island.

Gilligan’s Island is a comedy series about a group of people who get shipwrecked on an island. The main character, Gilligan, is a naive, innocent and simple man with good intentions.

So What Does, “I Got Gilligan’s Eyes” Mean?
I’d interpret, “I got Gilligan’s eyes” as meaning that the song’s main character is admitting to being naive, trusting, and often being hurt because of it - just like Gilligan.

He sees the world in a child-like way, putting his emotions on the line and consequently getting hurt by people who break his trust.

As the song, Many of Horror is about an old relationship, it’s likely that the main character is looking back on the time he spent with his ex-girlfriend and realizing just how naive he’d been.
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This may be a reference to the TV show Gilligan's Island - meaning that you are an innocent person and see everything through innocent eyes.

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