What's The Song With Lyrics "Who Put The Devil In Evelyn's Eyes"?


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Delta Rhythm Boys did it....I remember only this:
Who Put the Devil in Evelyn's Eyes?
Who Put the Flaw in her Angel's Disguise
Who put the Devil in Evelyn's Eyes?
Who put the Flaw in Her Angel's Disguise.

She has the form
of a goddess
and a face just like a saint
And a smile shyly modest
but one one look in those eyes
and you know that she ain't
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(WHO-WHO-WHO) WHO PUT THE DEVIL IN EVELYN'S EYES is by MILLS BROTHERS. I remember playing this 45 at my Busia's house. Her name is Evelyn! Love, love, love this song!
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I think the song is " I wouldn't be surprised  if she stole  devil's job". This song was sung by Huntwork Hewitt and the song name is Evelyn. For more details of the song visit Evelyn.

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